Pair of Limited Paintings Aladdin & Peter Pan

Pair of Limited Paintings Aladdin & Peter Pan



Aladdin, based on a tale originally told in ‘1001 Nights’, tells the tale of poor young Aladdin.  He is tricked by a sorcerer into fetching a magic lamp from a cave, and ends up not only in possession of the lamp, but the Genie who lives inside the lamp and can make Aladdins wishes come true!

Our Limited Edition is painted on our Royal Theatre Ceramic, and by pure chance, when we were researching this one, we found out that the Panto on at The Royal Theatre Northampton this year is Aladdin!

We have added to the building with a newly modelled Christmas tree in front of the building, and a pair of pure gold painted ‘Tragedy and Comedy’ masks on the front.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a relative newcomer to the Panto world.  It was first performed in 1904. Following this the story was  re-written as a novel by J. M. Barrie.  It tells the story of ‘The boy who wouldn’t grow up’

In our ceramic we see on the walls Peter, Wendy and her brothers flying off to their magical adventures in Neverland, while Nana the dog watches from below.

Painted on our Sherlock Homes building, with some extra details added to the sides, on one side we have the Crocodile’s tail, and the on the other Captain Hook is making his escape.  (He’s behind you!)

Buy both to help Great Ormond Street Hospital

If you would like to buy both Aladdin and Peter Pan, we will allocate you the same Limited Painting number on both of your ceramics, and give a donation of £10 per pair sold to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Since 1938, Great Ormond Street has owned the royalties to Peter Pan, and benefits whenever a stage adaptation of the play is performed, so we thought it would be a great idea to support the valuable work they do with a little Christmas donation.

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