The Christmas Cats Cafe

The Christmas Cats Cafe


One of three Limited Paintings created for Christmas 2018

There will be only 20 of each of our three Christmas 2018 Limited Paintings created, and each will have it’s own numbered certificate signed by Hazle.  Read on down for more details and to add these to your collection.


The first cat cafes where opened in Japan, to cater for those cat lovers who could not keep a pet in a tiny flat or with a demanding career.

Since then the craze has spread across the globe, with cat cafes in the UK, the US and Europe.

Some cat cafes are non–profit organisations, supporting local pet shelters and rescue groups.  Others promote the idea of spending time with cats as a way to relax and unwind away from a hectic 21st Century life.

As our resident ‘Cat Lady’ Carol has gone to town on this lovely painting on our fantasy ‘Alice’ building!


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