Dickens’ Old Curiosity Shop

Dickens' Old Curiosity Shop


At 13 -14 Portsmouth St.  WC2, this shop is taken, incorrectly, to be the inspiration behind the Charles Dickens’ novel of the same name. Built in 1567 it is considered to be the oldest shop in central London and one of the few central London buildings to survive the Great Fire in 1666 – surviving despite the fact it was made from wood ‘recycled’ from ships! Dickens novel  was first serialised  weekly and in 1841 there was a public candle lit vigil held outside this building for the life of little Nell in the story who was on her death bed.

Our version measures 11cm (4 & 3/8″) wide x 10cm (4″) tall.

Please note: This ceramic is one of our Freestanding Collection, and is not designed to be wall hung alongside our Nation of Shopkeepers ceramics