3 different colours


The Filofax was the iconic diary/planner of the ’80’s. No self-respecting yuppie would be seen without one.

The history of the Filofax company is fascinating, having started pre-World war II as a planner/notebook for Forces officers, based on a Canadian idea.  So in 1921The Filofax brand was born — its name suggested by the company secretary Grace Scurr, who said it was, after all, a file of facts and she was clearly devoted to the idea. When the company offices were razed to the ground by a German bomb in 1940, she managed to save all the company records in her own Filofax, thus validating its importance. She eventually became a Board member.

We have 3 different colour-ways on offer of this iconic building. Please confirm which one you would prefer.

Blue; Light yellow or Dark yellow.

Detail Name 1:
F112ly; F113bl; F114dy;