Grimms Fairy Tales

Grimms Fairy Tales


One of two Limited Paintings created for Christmas 2018

There will be only 20 of each of our two Christmas 2018 Limited Paintings created, and each will have it’s own numbered certificate signed by Hazle.  Read on down for more details and to add these to your collection.


Tales we loved as children—and some of us still love today!  Snow White, Hansel & Gretal, The Elves and the Shoemaker or The Golden Goose.

Until Carol suggested ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’ as a subject for one of our Christmas Limited Paintings, many of us didn’t realise how many of these well known tales were written by the Brothers Grimm.  Their original book of stories, published in 1812, contained 86 stories.  More volumes quickly followed, with new stories added, others removed, and still more re-written.  At the time these tales were first published, it was widely felt that both the subject matter and the style of writing was not suitable for children – with a revision here and a removal there the classic fairy stories that we now know emerged!

For our Christmas 2018 Limited Painting, we celebrate the creative ‘Grimms’ in ceramic.  Painted on our Windsor Guildhall Building by Carol, this lovely building highlighted with gold, shows Red Riding hood and Hansel & Gretal  at the bottom, with more fairy tales above.


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