Post Office

Post Office


This pretty building is located close to Great Malvern.

The post office has been a central part of every British High Street ever since the introduction of the Penny Post in 1840.  But these little shops are more than just stamp sellers, they also keep the shelves overflowing with all the essentials of everyday life!

In March 2013, we desided to give the Post Office a makeover:   Many of us will remember Post Offices painted in this ‘1950’s’ green. A colour so popular that every High Street boasted two or three smaller shops freshly decorated with it!  As well as the new green fascia, The A board now invites us to play the lottery, and above the shop a clinic is now installed on the first floor.

The Post Office measures 18.8cm (7 & 1/4″) tall to the top of the chimney x 8.7cm (3 & 3/8 “) wide.