The best of… The Empress

The best of... The Empress


Another ceramic from 2015, showing the change over from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II as longest reigning monarch. Painted on our Garrick, Tudor Pub building, we see the pub undergoing a refurb from ‘The Empress of India’ – the title Queen Victoria was said to be most proud of, to ‘The Best of the Best’ Which is how many of us feel about our current Queen, whose selfless dedication to her role over 65 years is an achievement that will never be forgotten.

The ceramic also gives a place to ‘Farmer George’ otherwise George III our longest reigning king and to ‘Good Queen Bess’ – Elizabeth I, often called the Virgin Queen, who rule was most notable in British History.

Note the beams are in black rather than the normal Tudor Brown.

So if you missed out back in 2002, this is your only chance to add this one to your collection.