Crooked House, Lavenham

Crooked House, Lavenham


The Crooked House is one of Lavenham’s most famous landmarks. Lavenham in Suffolk is noted for its 15th century church, half-timbered medieval cottages and medieval look due to lack of overhead electricity. In the medieval period it was among the 20 wealthiest settlements in England, wealth based on the production of cloth.

Today it is a popular day trip destination. Lavenham’s Market Square was the main location of the 1968 film the Witch finder General. In 2010, under conditions of strict secrecy, scenes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows were filmed here too.

The Crooked House was built sometime between 1375 and 1425, by a wealthy cloth merchant. Today it is now an art gallery featuring a variety of local artists, jewellers and sculptors. The timbers have warped over time causing the upper floor to look distinctly crooked – hence the name! Our version is painted with the deep pink colour popular in the area, which was originally tinted with animal blood .

The Crooked House measures 19.5cm (7 & 3/4″) tall to the top of the chimney x 7.5cm (3″) wide

Painted by CAW in 2020 on old bisque.

Detail Name 1:
C118 194mm x 80mm