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Three NEW Limited Paintings

Possibly the smallest Limited Paintings produced so far!

There are only 5 of each of these Limited Paintings, so these are not available in our online shop.

To reserve one (or more) click on the link by the ceramic of your choice and we will email you payment instructions

From left to right


The Cricket Club
Painted on our Sally Lunn’s Building, The Cricket Club window shows a scoreboard,

a set of cricket whites and a wealth of detail.  Painted by Hazle herself and based on the

interests of a cricket loving friend of hers & Stephen’s. Many years ago she painted this

friend a personalised Cricket shop, and when he recently broke it, she decided not only

to replace it, but let cricket loving collectors have the chance to own one too.

This is the perfect addition to your collection if you or someone close to you is a cricket fan.
£110.00 + carriage/insurance. To reserve 


The Stetchworth Dairy
This is how our Art Nouveau building originally looked.  This Late Art Nouveau shop front dates

to around 1920 and was made especially for The Stetchworth Dairy – at the time it was a

Parisian inspired design, considered to be cutting edge.  As it fell out of favour the beautiful

detail was covered up with boards, and rediscovered only a few years ago. Can you imagine

how this discovery must have delighted the owner! Located in Market Street, Cambridge,

this beautiful building will make a unique and historic addition to your collection.
£120.00 + carriage/insurance. To reserve


Charlotte of Hay
When Hazle & Stephen visited Hay on Wye last month for the Annual Book Festival,

they found our bookshop building under new management and with a whole new look.

The shop is now called Charlotte of Hay and sells toys, knitwear, hats, candles and all

manner of attractive locally made items…which Hazle has reproduced in the windows

of our painted version.  We think this new look really suits the building!
£120.00 + carriage/insurance. To reserve