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Ceramics of the month

Sherlock Holmes House

Mrs Hudson downstairs, Sherlock upstairs221b’ Baker Street ‘home’ of the celebrated (fictitious -honestly!) criminal investigator,

Sherlock Holmes and trusty colleague Dr. Watson. The ceramic is painted with Holmes

playing the violin in the left hand upstairs window and his ‘hubble-bubble’ pipe in the right

window. Mrs. Hudson’s (housekeeper) drawing room is on the ground floor. There are railings

of cast metal and a metal lamp post. This is the first ceramic we have added metalwork to.

The building itself does exist – in Baker St. London and would probably have been a boarding

house at the time Conan Doyle was creating Holmes – but it was not Number 221b. At present

it is 221b and houses a ‘Museum’ dedicated to Sherlock Holmes ‘memorabilia’- in fact you would

swear he lived there…

The Sherlock Holmes House measures 23.4cm (9 & 1/4″) tall to the top of the chimney x 9cm

( 3 & 1/2″) wide. To order, please click here



has also been painted as a cottage hospitalThe Wisteria Tea Rooms

This pretty building is based on a 16th Century Cotswold Stone Hotel and Restaurant

in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, near to Blenheim Palace.  Here we present it a typical

English Tea Room, serving Cream Teas, with home made scones, strawberries,

toasted teacakes, and a range of freshly brewed teas.  Just thinking about it is enough

to make the mouth water!  Notice the little tea pot painted over the door.

In one window there is a vase of fresh flowers.

In the other a little cat looks hopefully out…


The Wisteria Tea Room measures 18cm (7″) tall to the top of the chimney x 12cm (4 & 3/4″) wide.

To order please click here.