On the Corner

Kicthen, Nutshell Alf Roberts Alan Titchmarsh Barclays Cornucopia at Southend Kings English


Every High Street starts and ends on a corner!  So take a look at the buildings that can lead you into a stroll along your personal street.


Chandlery by the River festival tickets on sale,narrow boat detailThe Chandlery

Upton upon Severn, a small town with an extremely pretty high street! Over it’s long history, this building has housed a number of different businesses, but here we present it as a chandlery. Upton upon Severn has a busy marina, and tourists visiting the area often choose to enjoy a boat trip along the river!

Upton upon Severn Narrow BoatHere we see the shop windows filled with canoes, kayaks, lifejackets, and all the things you would need for a boating break. Upton is also home to more than one annual international festival, and as the sign beside the first floor window shows, this little shop also sells festival tickets!

The Chandlery by the river is a Limited Painting of 200 ceramics.

It measures 20cm (just under 8?) tall to the top of the chimney x 10.5cm (4?) wide at the widest point.  For further information please email us at: info@hazle.com


brown nutshell websize The Nutshell

Situated on a corner in the historic town of Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, The Nutshell is recognised at England’s smallest pub, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

It measures just 15ft x 7ft, and as 12 customers make it a squeeze, we’ve painted just seven regulars enjoying a tipple inside! On display inside are suitable curiosities, such as the smallest ‘Times’ newspaper, and the smallest dart board.

Notice the black cat in the top left window. Inside the pub is suspended a mummified black cat, discovered during building work. Builders used to brick cats up behind chimney hearths, which was thought to bring good luck into the building – not so good for the cat obviously!

If you visit, ask the landlord for a “Baloga Taxi” – he will be very surprised.

First produced by Hazle Ceramics in 2008, The Nutshell measures 19cm(7 &1/2″) tall to top of chimney x 9.5cm (3 & 3/4″) wide at the widest point, and is available in a choice of 2 colourways, brown or blue.

To order either a blue of brown version, please email us at info@hazle.com ____________________________________________________________________________

Alan Titchmarsh prop.The Garden Shop

Our Garden Shop is based on a long established ironmongers in Uppingham, Rutland.

This business still survives today, and provides an interesting alternative to the DIY superstore garden centres.Plough on show

Based on D. Norton & Son Ironmongers in the Market Place, Uppingham. Home of a respected public school, it’s a very attractive small town and well worth a visit – antiques, cream teas, second hand books, outdoor pursuits gear … all made available in delightful unspoilt independent shops.

It is 17 years since we produced our first Ironmonger/Hardware Shop (sold out) when we lamented the disappearance of such wonderful shops all over the country. Any you might come across now have done incredibly well to have survived the rise of the DIY superstore. ‘Norton’s’ reminds us that they harp back to supplying farmers with their ploughs on display above the door. The proprietor is (fictitiously) A. Titchmarsh

The Garden Shop measures 21cm (8 & 1/4″) tall to top of chimney x 10.2cm(4″) wide at widest point.

For further information please email us at: info@hazle.com


Picture1The Kings English Shop

This historic building constructed in 1647 and located in the heart of Canterbury, was once the School Shop for the Kings School, Canterbury.  It has leaned to the right since the 1800′s and it was not until 1980 that the building was established.  If you visit Canterbury, do try to get inside – the floors and stairs match the leaning exterior perfectly, making walking from one side of the upper floor to the other a very unique experience!

Here we show it not as a School Uniform Suppliers, but as a book shop!  In it’s long history this building has been home to many businesses, including a book seller.

A limited painting of just 200 ceramics

The Kings English is currently out of stock.  For further information please email us at: info@hazle.com


Margaret Thatcher birthplaceAlf Roberts Corner Shop – The Birthplace of Margaret Thatcher

Whatever our individual politics, who could recognise this unique, strong, clever and brave woman who fought her way to the top of world politics in an age when women were simply not accepted in this ‘men’s world’.

She epitomised the heart of ‘Middle England’, a grocer’s daughter, and grammer school girl who was proud of her origins and maintained the principles she learnt as a child all her life.

We pay our own tribute to ‘The Iron Lady’ with our Alf Roberts Corner Shop, Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The young Margaret and her family lived in the flat above this interesting Victorian corner building, where ‘Maggie’ and her elder sister could be found helping out in the store room every Saturday, preparing groceries for sale.

Today the premises is occupied by a Health Centre, but her father’s original shop fascia is still preserved behind the modern day signage, and a plaque shows this to be the birthplace of one of our Nation’s iconic leaders.

The Alf Roberts Building is a Limited Edition of 1000 ceramics, each will come with it’s individually numbered certificate, personally signed by Hazle.

Priced at £89.95, there are very few Alf Roberts now available.  For further information please email us at: info@hazle.com

Our ceramics are hand painted with care, individual artists work can vary, and a photo of one ceramic will not depict exactly every ceramic painted. Our ceramics are hand made and individually finished. This means the measurements can very slightly from one to another, but only by a milimetre or two.