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websize post officeThe Post Office

This pretty building is located close to Great Malvern.

The post office has been a central part of every British High Street ever since the introduction of the penny post in 1840.  But these little shops are more than just stamp sellers, they also keep the shelves overflowing with all the essentials of everyday life!

In June 2014 we desided to give The Post Office a makeover!  This soft blue fascia, is very like the colour on the real shop (right) and the windows are now freshly filled with sweets and stationery

The Post Office measures 18.8cm (7 & 1/4″ ) tall to the top of the chimney x 8.7cm (3 & 3/8 “) wide.

If you like the look of this piece, please email us at info@hazle.com to check on our limited availability.


The Carboys in the window date from the late 19th CenturyThe Chemist

This classic 18th Century Georgian shop The dispensary windowfront is based on one in Bath, and shown here as the Chemist, with it’s display of bottles and classic carboys in the window, and a trailing ivy making it’s way across the front of the building.  The Chemist is one of our oldest production models, and still a favourite today – after all who could imagine a high street without it’s chemist!

This ceramic is also available for personalisation, visit the personalising page for details.

The Chemist measures 22cm tall (8 & 5/8″)   x 10cm (4″) wide.

For further information or to order the chemist, & it’s alter-ego Pharmacy please email us at info@hazle.com


Hay on Wye - the best book fesitval there is!The Bookshop

This building is located in Hay-on-Wye, Everyone who can let a room during the festival does so.on the English/Welsh border.  In this town of books, every other shop is a bookshop!  and once a year, the town fills to overflowing for the famous Literary Festival.  Maybe that is why our bookshop is also advertising bed & breakfast, as everyone who has visited the festival knows how tricky it is to find a hotel room!  This is one of Hazle and Stephen’s  favourite towns, and it you are ever at the festival, you may bump into them, so of course, we had to have a Hay-on-Wye bookshop among our collection.

The Bookshop measures 21.2cm (8 & 3/8″) tall to the top of the chimney x 9.5cm (3 & 3/4″) wide.

To Order the Bookshop, please email us to discuss as there are only a few left, in slightly different colours. info@hazle.com

Luxury Boxed Chocolates The Chocolate Shop

Based on a former biscuitHand made Chocolates maker’s factory in Royal Tunbridge Wells.  This attractive building has an appealing combination of styles, with sweeping front steps, bay windows, and a Venician style window above, adorned with wisteria.

But it is what is inside the window that makes this shop special, hand made chocolates, using the finest ingredients, fudge, bon-bons, toffees and more!   All beautifully boxed and tied with bows, ready to be given for that special occasion. Just thinking about it is enough to gain a few pounds!

The chocolate shop measures  20.3cm tall (8″)to the top of the chimney x 8.6cm (3 1/2″) wide.

If you like the look of this piece, please email us at info@hazle.com to check on our limited availability.


Melton Mowbray the some of the pork pieThe Pork Pie Shop

Located at 10 Nottingham Street, Each pork pie made by handMelton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

Melton Mowbray is famously known at the home of the pork pie, and here we present the home of the Master pork pie bakers, Dickinson & Morris.

Mary Dickinson first began baking her wonderful pies here in 1851, and today they are the oldest remaining bakers of the original and authentic Melton Mowbray Pork Pie.

The Pork Pie Shop measures 17.5cm (7″) tall to the top of the chimney  x 11cm (4 &1/4″) wide.

If you like the look of this piece, please email us at info@hazle.com to check on our limited availability.


B & BThe Bed and Breakfast

This building is located in Old Portsmouth, Hampshire

The custodian of the traditional “Full English Breakfast” and unpretentious hospitality this building is typical of the thousands of B + B’s frequented by England’s visitors. How often do we see the bicycle chained up outside these establishments and don’t we always seem to get the last room at the top of the house with all those stairs to climb with our suitcases!

Who can remember the landlady who hurried everyone from the building, whatever the weather, and demanded that hot water be used only at the correct times?  Yet these for some of us ‘oldies’ were the happiest of holidays.

Usually available in yellow or green. If you like the look of this piece, please email us at info@hazle.com to check on our limited availability.


 Our Ceramics are individuals! hand made and hand painted with care, individual artisits work can vary, and a photo of one ceramic will not depict exactly every ceramic painted. They are hand made and individually finished. This means the measurements can very slightly from one to another, but only by a milimetre or two.