Rare & Retired Ceramics


Looking for a retired ceramic or a rare and hard to find piece?  or missed out on the Limited Painting you wanted?

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Here we present a small collection of ceramics from our own archives.  For most of these ceramics, we have only 1 in stock. so if you find you cannot complete your purchase, someone else has got in first!  If you would like to enquire about any retired piece you may want to add to your collection, feel free to email us, as we may have one in the workshop. click to view all in shop


 cinima some like it ho for shopcinima casablanca for shopAdelphi Cinema – Comedy or Classics

The Cinemacinima some like it hot detail was the last ceramic in the ‘Hazle 2000’ collection.  It is based on a purpose built cinema of the 1930’s called ‘The Classic’ in Smethwick near Birmingham.

The Comedy version advertises ‘Some Like it Hot’ with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis, as well as The Marx Brothers in Duck Soup and portraits of Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy.

The Classics version features The Gala Opening of ‘Casablanca’, with ‘Brief Encounter’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ coming soon.

Two only available of each style.   Priced at £125.00 + carriage/insurance.

To order Cinema Comedy or Cinema Classics please email us at info@hazle.com


The Daily Stardaily star

A Limited Painting on our ‘Kings English’ bdaily star detailuilding in Canterbury Kent.  The Daily Star was one of three Limited Paintings of 50 ceramics each, all on Canterbury Buildings, produced for Christmas 2009.  The other two were ‘Palace Street Poulterer’ and ‘Balthazar’s Baubles’

The upper part of the building is the newspaper office, while downstairs there is a shop selling Advent Calendars, Candles, Greeting Cards and more.  One of our favourite paintings!  The dark wood of the building contrasting against the brightness of the windows makes this building joy with Christmas joy!

To add it to your collection or for more information, please email us at info@hazle.com


penhaligons websizePenhaligon’s  Covent Garden
In the late 1860′s, William Henry Penhaligon came to London to establish himself as a barber.  He invented his first fragrance in 1872 and went on to develop a scent for the Duke of Marlborough.  This scent, called ‘Blenheim Bouquet’  was a favourite of Winston Churchill, and it is still produced and popular today.
The original shop was situated in Jermyn Street  This building was destroyed  in The Blitz in 1941 and the new Penhaligon’s shop, on which our ceramics is based, was opened in 1975 in Covent Garden by Sheila Pickles, with the help of the Italian film director Franco Zefferilli. Pickles drew upon the formulas left by William Penhaligon himself, and also introduced a range of traditional floral scents for women.
Below, a row of the famous Penhaligon’s bottles, with their distinctive bows,

You can see these in the window of our ceramic version, beautifully painted by Christine.  The writing across the window, and the Penhaligons name are in pure gold.  We only produced 30 of this Limited Painting, priced at £99.50 +carriage/insurance
Sorry, Penhaligons is now sold out


AMargaret Thatcher birthplacelf Roberts Corner Shop – The Birthplace of Margaret Thatcher

Whatever our individual politics, who could recognise this unique, strong, clever and brave woman who fought her way to the top of world politics in an age when women were simply not accepted in this ‘men’s world’.

She epitomised the heart of ‘Middle England’, a grocer’s daughter, and grammer school girl who was proud of her origins and maintained the principles she learnt as a child all her life.  We pay our own tribute to ‘The Iron Lady’ with our Alf Roberts Corner Shop, Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The young Margaret and her family lived in the flat above this interesting Victorian corner building, where ‘Maggie’ and her elder sister could be found helping out in the store room every Saturday, preparing groceries for sale.

Today the premises is occupied by a Health Centre, but her father’s original shop fascia is still preserved behind the modern day signage, and a plaque shows this to be the birthplace of one of our Nation’s iconic leaders.

The Alf Roberts Building is a Limited Edition of 1000 ceramics, each will come with it’s individually numbered certificate, personally signed by Hazle.

For more information or to order Alf Roberts Corner Shop  please email us at info@hazle.com

filofax buildingThe Filofax Buildingfilofax building detail

First issued in February 2000, as part of the ‘Hazle 2000’ collection, a Limited edition of a maximum of 2000 ceramics.

It is based on a building in Conduit Street, London and before producing this one, Hazle had to get permission from the Filofax group to use their logo on our building.

The Filofax was the mobile phone of the 1980’s!  No-one was seen without their Filofax, and nothing arranged or agreed without consulting it!  However, the origins of the Filofax go back to the 1920’s.

If you like the look of this piece, please email us at info@hazle.com to check on our limited availability.

Priced at £175.00   +carriage/insurance


oxfams both

OXFAM – The Oxford Committee for Famine Reliefoxfam burgundy detail

First issued in June 2001, the ninth (out of 1o) ceramic in the Hazle 2000 collection.  It is based on the building on Broad Street Oxford, where Oxfam opened the U.K’s first permanant charity chop in 1948.

Out of the 2000 produced, there were 2 different versions, 1000 of  the ‘early’ version, with the original wording and 1960’s style donations in the window, as seen here.  and 1000 of the ‘modern’ version including the Oxfam logo and fair trade goods in the window.

The early version of this ceramic was produced in two colours, burgundy & black, we have 2 of each available,

If you like the look of this piece, please email us at  info@hazle.com   to check on our limited availability.



If you have an optician in the family,  add this to your High Street.  optician detail

Painted on our Old Portsmouth, Hampshire building which is normally used as our Bed & Breakfast.

We also produce the Doctor and the Dentist on this building, and for a few years we also offered this option, The Optician.

We haven’t painted the Optician for some years, but…!

If you like the look of this piece, please email us at   info@hazle.com to check on our limited availability.


pall mall gazettePall Mall Gazette – Jack the Ripperpall mall gazette detail

The Pall Mall Gazette  was an evening newspaper est. 1865, offices in Holborn. The name was taken from a fictitious paper mentioned in  Thackeray’s novel ‘History of Pendennis’. It is ‘sited’ in the Sherlock Holmes stories and H G Wells’  ‘The Time Machine’ In the 1880’s it campaigned against child prostitution, supporting Annie Besant & the Matchstick girls, women’s suffrage etc.

In 1888 it famously published articles & letters  relating to the horrific Jack the Ripper murders and campaigned to improve conditions for women in Whitechapel.  It was bought by the Evening Standard in 1923.  Here we see the shadow of Jack and on the wall.

Two only available, to order one for your personal high street.  Out of stock


thomas cookThomas Cook

A Limited Edition of 2000 ceramics, first issued in September 1997.

The building is based on Thos. Cook & Son’s original building in Gallow-tree Gate, Leicester, built in 1894. Sold out Limited Edition.