Personalising a ceramic. (Sorry but this service is no longer available.)

Blue Baby personalisedAdding your own name or choice of wording to our shopfronts is a popular way of making your street personal to you!

Most of our main ‘ Nation of Shopkeepers’ collection can be personalised, and make also great gifts for those special occasions – weddings, anniversaries & new babies. But please note that we are no longer casting new ceramics, so we have very limited stock available for personalising. Given as a corporate gift

To order,  choose the ceramic you would like, and work out your choice of wording for it.  Then email us your request & we will see if it can be achieved and quote you a price.

Personalising a ceramic in this way costs £15 in addition to the regular ceramic price.  Limited painting and some limited editions may not be available for personalising.   Consider your wording carefully! once immortalised on a shopfront, it cannot be altered.  We will do our best to fit in the wording you want, (often using our magnifying glasses!) but feel free to contact us if you are unsure what will fit.

If you have any questions, please  email us: