Royal Ceramics

We have been quite supportive of the Royal Family at Hazle Ceramics, and whenever there was a marriage, birth or other celebration, we enjoyed creating a ceramic to mark the occasion.  From some of these Limited Editions, we have one ( and probably only one) left over.  So if there was a ceramic you missed out on, read on down, you may just find the piece you need to complete your collection.

Royal Regalia & Crown Casuals

For the Golden Jubilee of 2002, we produced a collection of five different Limited Paintings, called the Jubilee Parade, each one had the building altered to add red, white & blue bunting, and reflected Royal themes.  This one, Royal Regalia, was the centrepiece of the collection. 300 were produced on what is normally our Dairy & Barber Building. with highlights of pure gold, and original numbered signed certificate.

Priced at £160 + carriage/insurance.

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Prince George’s Toys

Our fastest ever sell out! in under 24 hours, all 66 were gone! But we kept back the Artist’s proof for ourselves, and a second which we were planning to send to the happy new family. Here they are, painted in 2013 on our St Alban’s Building, a toy shop fit for a Prince, with his own sweet shop next door. The ceramic has all the details of his date and time of birth, and lavish gold details too. If you missed out at the time, a very rare chance to own one.

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Harry & Meghan

The Royals who left the Royal Family! Who would have thought that back in 2018 when we were happily celebrating their wedding. This Limited Painting in celebration of the occasion was painted on our Hay on Wye Bookshop Building, and featured not only the Invictus Games, which Prince Harry had organized, but also a window for each, celebrating the happy couple’s interests and professions. Harry’s window has a helicopter, and Elephant, the different sports he enjoys – plus did you know he is an Arsenal Supporter? Megan’s window is a delight! filled with her on screen and fashion work, painted in delightful detail.

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William & Catherine’s Wedding Day

At last the big day! and we celebrated in a big way! We had a TV in the workshop, and Hazle and Christine sat in front of the screen, ceramics and paint brushes poised to create the first of this Limited Painting, to catch the first glance at the uniform he was wearing and then the dress….How beautiful! Christine with her background as a fashion illustrator, first drew and then painted the dress onto the ceramic, with her wonderful talent for detail. Before the day was over we were able to show the finished piece – painted on our Floris ceramic – on our website (not glazed of course!) If you missed out in 2011 this is your only chance to add this wonderful ceramic to you collection.

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Queen Victoria and Corgi Groomers

Painted in 2015 on our Dairy & Barbers building, we celebrate our own Queen Elizabeth becoming the longest reigning monarch ever, overtaking Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years, 7 months and two days. Just in the law few days, we’ve heard that there are plans being made to mark Queen Elizabeth’s platinum Anniversary in 2022.. What a celebration that will be.

Beautifully painted details, showing her majesties interests…not only the groomers for her beloved dogs, but there is a bit of horse racing and hats in there too!

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The Best of / The Empress

Another ceramic from 2015, showing the change over from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II as longest reigning monarch. Painted on our Garrick, Tudor Pub building, we see the pub undergoing a refurb from ‘The Empress of India’ – the title Queen Victoria was said to be most proud of, to ‘The Best of the Best’ Which is how many of us feel about our current Queen, whose selfless dedication to her role over 60 years is an achievement that will never be forgotten.

The ceramic also gives a place to ‘Farmer George’ otherwise George III our longest reigning king and to ‘Good Queen Bess’ – Elizabeth I, often called the Virgin Queen, who rule was most notable in British History.

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William & Catherine – Royal Wedding Clocktower.

This special ceramic was painted to celebrate the wedding of Catherine Middleton to Prince William of Wales at Westminster Abbey London on 29th April 2011. The happy couple stand in the doorway with the two names in gold above and the date either side of the door.

The clocktower, which is based on a building in Torquay, is one of the very few Nation of Shopkeepers pieces which makes an excellent ‘stand alone’ ceramic. Only 2 of these are left, so to add one to your collection, don’t delay order today.

Priced at £150.00 plus carriage/insurance

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Royal Baby Shop – Welcome Prince George

After the amazing overnight sellout of our Prince George’s Toy’s Ceramic, we had a great deal of disappointed collectors who badly wanted a ceramic to mark the birth of our future king. So we came up with The Royal Baby shop – and a new idea! A ceramic limited not by the number produced, but by the time frame that it would be sold.

This lovely shop, based on a building in Canterbury, is titled Welcome Prince George, and shows his date and place of birth either side of the title. The windows are filled with baby goods fit for a Prince, and bunting adorns the walls.

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