Pubs, Teashops, Entertainment

Four pubs, Three Tea shops, a Coffee shop and a Theatre


The Heart of the British High Street – Our Tea Shops and Pubs. Meeting with friends over ‘the cup that cheers” or enjoying a ‘swift half’.  No high street can be complete without these well loved establishments.


Cream TeasThe Crooked House Tea Room

Located in Windsor, the crooked house was built in 1718 as part of the butchers’ shambles. It leans as it was built with green, unseasoned timber!  It stands between the Guildhall and Queen Charlotte Street, which is the shortest street in England – just 52ft long.  A local legend claims that there is a secret passage in the basement,which was used by Nell Gwynn, to gain entry to the Windsor Castle kitchens for her secret meetings with Charles II.  We show it as the quintessential English Tea room, the table in the downstairs window laid with blue & white china and ready for tea!  We launched this ceramic in 2004, with a collectors’ tea in the building. . Available in two colorways, as shown and with green in place of the burgundy edge brickwork.  Please email after ordering if you have a colour preference.

The Crooked Tea Room stands 16.5cm tall (8 & 1/2″) to the top of the chimney, and 7.5cm (3″) wide at the widest point.  To order or for further information please email us at


has also been painted as a cottage hospitalThe Wisteria Tea Rooms

This pretty building is based on a 16thDoorway, potted plant, cat looking out. Century Cotswold Stone Hotel and Restaurant in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, near to Blenheim Palace.  Here we present it a typical English Tea Room, serving Cream Teas, with home made scones, strawberries, toasted teacakes, and a range of freshly brewed teas.  Just thinking about it is enough to make the mouth water!  Notice the little tea pot painted over the door.  In one window there is a vase of fresh flowers.  In the other a little cat looks hopefully out…

The Wisteria Tea Room measures 18cm (7″) tall to the top of the chimney x 12cm (4 & 3/4″) wide.  If you are interested in this ceramic please contact us on for further information.


Ye Olde Kings Head

Located at 7 Church street Windsor, The Old King’s Head was built in 1525, and bears a plaque on its wall recording the execution of Charles I in 1649 complete with all the signatories!

The Old Kings Head is also said to be where William Shakespeare wrote ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ in 1597. In our version, you can see Shakespeare looking out of the first floor window.  His candle is burning beside him,and his quill pen is poised in his hand,  maybe  the great bard was in need of inspiration.  Today this building houses a resturant, but we prefer to think of it as it was, serving home brewed ale in the jug!

Ye Olde Kings Head measures 22cm ( 8 & 1/2″) tall to the top of the chimney x 8.5cm (3 & 1/4″) wide.

If you like the look of this piece, please email us at to check on our limited availability.


Right nect to the gate to Canterbury CathedralThe Cathedral Gate Coffee House

Situated in Canterbury, directly next to the catherdral gate, this building dates from around 1440 – so it pre-dates even the beautifully sculptured gateway next to it! .

It was originally a Pilgrims’ Hostel called “Sonne Hospice” . The site is recorded from Saxon times and has been linked  with the Cathedral over a millennium.

In medieval times the inn was called the “The Sun” and became one of the original English tea houses.  It was even referred to in the works of Charles Dickens.

Later on the name ‘Sun Inn’ moved to an inn in neighbouring Sun Street.  Today the building is occupied by a coffee shop.  We offer this building in to two colourways.  With blue painted walls as the ‘The Sun’ with it’s windows filled with jugs and bottles, and advertising Cask Ales , Wines & Beers,  and as the Cathedral Gate Hotel & Coffee House, with Fair-trade coffee and home made cakes.  Make your selection of colourways in the online shop.

The Cathedral Gate Coffee House measures 23cm (9 & 1/8″) tall to the top of the chimney, x 8.6cm (3 & 1/2″) wide.

If you like the look of this piece, please email us at to check on our limited availability.


Ye Old Cock Tavern Fleet StreetYe Olde Cock Tavern

Located at at 22 Fleet Street, London,Ye Olde Cock Tavern is a Grade II listed building dating from 1887 .

The original Ye Olde Cock Tavern was built in the 17th century and used to be on the opposite side of the road. This pub was demolished in 1887 to make way for the Law Courts branch of the Bank of England and it’s interior including the fireplace and mantle was transferred into the new rebuilt pub on the other side of the road.

This unusual building is the narrowest building in Fleet Street.  Samuel Pepys is known to have visited the original Olde Cock Tavern, and there is a rumour that the ghost of Irish poet, physician and writer, Oliver Goldsmith has been sighted at the pub.

Our version shows a pair of jolly fellows enjoying a foaming pint of ale seated outside the pub, their table is a beer barrel!

Ye Olde Cock Tavern measures 23cm (9″) tall x 6.2cm (2 & 1/2″) wide.

If you like the look of this piece, please email us at to check on our limited availability.


Tudor coaching innThe Tea Shop

Based on a building located in Banbury,Red Phone box Oxfordshire our popular Tea Shop was originally a Tudor Coaching Inn, built around 1567, and was more recently a Barclays Bank.  These hostelries were essential stopping points back in the days of horse drawn coach travel, and can still be seen in many High Streets.

We present it as an English Tearoom, serving cream teas, and with two delicately painted hanging baskets over the gateway which would once have led to the stables.  Outside is an old red phone box, sadly disappearing from our streets, as mobile phone ownership is now almost universal.

The Tea Shop stands 18.7cm (7 & 1/2″) tall to the top of chimney x 12cm (4 & 3/4″) wide.  Stock very low!   If you would like to enquire about this ceramic, please email us.


has Les Mis showing nowThe Royal Theatre & Opera House

Based on the 19th Century theatre in Northampton, this building was  designed by Charles John Phipps.   He was one of Britain’s most prolific Victorian theatre architects with over forty buildings to his credit, starting with the Bath Theatre in 1863 and including the Savoy Theatre (London 1881) and finishing with Her Majesty’s Theatre, London, completed in 1897, the last year of his life. This particular theatre is a real gem inside and well worth a visit. There are a few features about it that are unusual – the name – usually they were called ‘Theatre Royal’ The ceramic itself is enhanced with 22 carat gold hand painted.  Errol Flynn – of swash-buckling fame – was in Northampton in his early acting years and played in Othello at the theatre!

We offer this ceramic with a choice of show posters on display, including Les Miserables, Carmen, or Othello.  When ordering, if you perfer a particular show, just indicate this in the notes section of the order form in our online shop.

The Royal Theatre is highlighted with pure gold, to the fascia and finials.  The Royal Theatre measures 21.5cm (8 & 1/2″) tall x 11.4cm (4 & 1/2″) wide.

To order please contact us at


brown nutshell websizeThe Nutshell

Situated on a corner in the historic town of Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, The Nutshell is recognised at England’s smallest pub by the Guinness Book of Records.

It measures just 15ft x 7ft, and as any more than 12 customers make it a squeeze, we’ve painted just seven regulars enjoying a tipple inside!

On display inside are suitable curiosities, such as the smallest ‘Times’ newspaper, and the smallest dart board.

Notice the black cat in the top left window, Inside the pub is suspended a mummified black cat, discovered during building work. Builders used to brick cats up behind chimney hearths, which was thought to bring good luck into the building – not so good for the cat obviously!  If you visit, ask the landlord for a “Baloga Taxi” – he will be very surprised.

First produced by Hazle Ceramics in 2008, The Nutshell measures 19cm(7 &1/2″) tall to top of chimney x 9.5cm (3 & 3/4″) wide at the widest point, and is available in a choice of 2 colourways, brown or blue. (choose your colourway in the shop section)

To Order the Nutshell in blue or brown, please contact us at for availability.


Our Ceramics are individuals! hand made and hand painted with care, individual artisits work can vary, and a photo of one ceramic will not depict exactly every ceramic painted. They are hand made and individually finished. This means the measurements can very slightly from one to another, but only by a milimetre or two.