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A Nation of Shopkeepers, celebrating Britain’s Buildings

brown nutshell websizeA Fresh new look for ‘The Nutshell’

Britain’s smallest pub, The Nutshell, in Bury St Edmonds, has had a ‘facelift’!  No longer painted in a mustard colour, it is now a lovely rich chocolate brown.

We just had to follow and give our ceramic ‘Nutshell’ the same look…we love it, and hope you will too!

Inside of this famous pub, it is just 15ft x 7ft, and as 12 customers make it a squeeze, we’ve painted just seven regulars enjoying a tipple inside!

On display inside are suitable curiosities, such as the smallest ‘Times’ newspaper, and the smallest dart board.

Notice the black cat in the top left window. Inside the pub is suspended a mummified black cat, discovered during building work. Builders used to brick up cats  behind chimney hearths,  thought to bring good luck into the building.

If you would like to add this new rich brown Nutshell to your collection, visit our shop page for more details, or

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Featured Ceramic

Mrs Hudson downstairs, Sherlock upstairsSherlock Holmes House

221b’ Baker Street ‘home’ of the celebrated (fictitious ) criminal investigator,

Sherlock Holmes and trusty colleague Dr. Watson.

The ceramic is painted with Holmes playing the violin in the left hand upstairs window

and his ‘hubble-bubble’ pipe in the right window.

There are railings of cast metal and a metal lamp post.

This is the first ceramic we have added metalwork to.

The building itself does exist – in Baker St. London and would probably have been a

boarding house at the time Conan Doyle was creating Holmes

– but it was not Number 221b.

At present it is 221b and houses a ‘Museum’ dedicated to Sherlock Holmes ‘memorabilia’

The Sherlock Holmes House measures 23.4cm tall to the top of the chimney x 9cm wide.

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