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A Nation of Shopkeepers, celebrating Britain’s Buildings

25 Years of Hazle Ceramics

This year is our 25th year of creating our ceramics, and we are busy planning how, when and where to celebrate.  So watch this space for for details, or join our email group to be the first in the know!

As is usual in January, we are starting off the year with our annual Archive Sale & Silent Auction – read on down for more details.

Archive Sale

These are sold on a strictly first come basis. As soon as you have made your selection, email us to reserve your piece(s), and we will reply to you with details of how to make payment.  Strictly first come first served.  Emails will be opened in the order received, and we will let you know ASAP if you are the first to reserve that ceramic.   Then confirm your order with a £50 deposit, and pay the balance anytime up until the end of Feb 2014. Once fully paid, we will send out your items. These pieces will be available until Friday 6th Feb, or until sold, whichever is the soonest.

archives available

 ‘Regency Buck Jeweller’  A Limited Painting of 10 ceramics painted on our Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes building in 2005 by Iona. One of a small number of Limited Paintings created for our 15th Anniversary. The window and the fascia are richly decorated in real gold.   This one is number 9 out of 10, with original 2005 certificate. £105.00

‘Indra Shabash’ A Limited Painting of 20 ceramics painted on our  Northampton Royal Theatre building in 2006 by Iona. This Limited Painting was created exclusively for one of our retailers, so was never generally available, and was painted in a range of colours.  Unusually, this one is decorated with real gold highlights.  This one is number 15 out of 20, with original certificate. £115.00

‘Papa Joe’s’ Jazz Café ‘A Limited Painting of 30 ceramics painted on our  Liverpool ‘Hessy’s’ Music Shop building in 2006 by Doreen.  Those of us who love Doreen’s style think this is a real beauty!  Rich warm colours and beautifully detailed musicians painted in the downstairs window. With original certificate £125.00

‘The Flower Shop’ another one off piece painted in early 2014 as a prototype for a possible new design.  Painted on our Art Deco building, with beautifully painted windows filled with plants, flowers and even wedding bouquets. £125.00

If you want more deatils or bigger pictures of the ceramics, just email.  To reserve the ceramic of your choice email or call 01268 270892

 Silent Auction

Shhhhhhh…Your bids are totally between you and us, so take this opportunity to add a very special ceramic to your collection.  We have on offer 5 items, a description of each is below, but if you want to know more or see further pictures just email us.

silent auctionweb1.        ‘The Angler’s Rest’ Numbered one out of 10 as a possible Limited Painting, but this was the only one ever produced.  Painted on our Melton Mowbray building, with the addition of two outside tables with parasols, and couples relaxing with a meal and drink.  The only ceramic these additions have ever appeared on.

2.        ‘Church Bell Foundry’ painted in 2006 by Carol. a Limited Painting of only 7 ceramics based on the famous Whitechapel Bell Foundry, which was founded in 1570 making it the oldest manufacturing company in the world!  ‘Big Ben’ was cast at the factory, as was The Liberty Bell. With original certificate.

3. ‘Flower Power’  A Limited Painting of 80 ceramics painted on our Florist building by Iona in late 2003 & early 2004.  Every single ceramic had a different palette of colours, and different flower designs completely covering the front of the building – a real labour of love to paint!   This one is no 64 and features deep blue and burgundy flowers. With original certificate.

4. ‘Burlington Arcade’  One of the most beautifully painted ceramics ever!  A Limited Painting of 30 ceramics, painted by Sharon Stroud for our 15th Anniversary in 2005 – (doesn’t time fly) The name on the fascia and details in the window are in pure platinum, notice the fantastic sketch of ‘Burlington Bertie’  and the doorman, called a Beadle, waiting to welcome customers inside. With original certificate.

5. ‘Rosemary’ Herbs for Healthy Living. A Limited Painting of 30 Ceramics, created in 2007, this one is no 9 out of 30 and was painted by Hazle herself on our Hay on Wye Bookshop Building. A rare and very attractive ceramic, with delicately painted windows.

How do I bid?

Don’t be put off if you are new to auctions.  Consider having a go, you might be surprized by a real bargain!
You can bid for as many of these pieces as you like.  Just email us with your offer(s).  We will not divulge your offer by name to anyone else.  We will email you back to let you know if you are winning or not.  If you are winning, but are outbid before the end of the auction we will email you, to give you the chance to bid again.

If you are interested in a few items but only want to buy one, say so in your email, and indicate which is your first, second and third choice.
If your offer is the highest, it will be accepted at £10 above the next highest bidder or at the reserve price for those items with a reserve.  This means:  If you bid £120 for a ceramic, but the next highest bidder has bid £75, you would win if for £85 – £10 above the second highest bidder.  If an item has a reserve of £120, and you are the highest bidder at £140, you would pay £120 for your ceramic.

The Auction ends at 2pm on Friday 6th February (British Time)
We will let all winning bidders know within two days of the auction end.  You may start to bid NOW.

Terms and conditions

1. UK & European customers will be charged extra insurance of £3.85 in addition to our usual postage per parcel. This extra charge will insure the full amount paid including p&p, because if the ceramic is lost or damaged, it cannot be replaced.

2. Customers from elsewhere will pay the usual insurance.  VAT will not be charged, but the cost of the postage will replace the VAT element of the total price in our usual way.

3. Ceramics will be posted once paid for in full, you have until the end of February to pay the balance, a £50 deposit must be paid within four days of the auction end.

4. Ceramics will be posted a on ‘Signed for’ service, and we ask customers to keep a vigilant watch for delivery. We will email you to let you know when your ceramic(s) has been dispatched.

5. Our General terms and conditions apply. To read these visit the website.



  To commemorate the start of World War I

postoffice1914websizeThe 4th of August 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the day Britain entered one of the costliest conflicts in history – the First World War.  To mark this 100th anniversary, we have decided to create a commemorative Limited Painting of just 30 ceramics.

For every ‘Post Office 1914’ sold, we will be giving a donation to the Royal British Legion.postoffice1914detailwebsize

Painted on our Great Malvern Post Office bisque, The centre window shows the date and time that Britain declared war, and beneath that the famous ‘Your Country Needs YOU’ poster dating from September 1914 and showing Lord Kitchener, the British Secretary of State for War, cleverly drawn so that the pointing finger seems to point directly at whoever looks at it – This poster is said to be Kitchener’s own idea.

Next to the poster we see two ‘Tommies’ knee deep in mud in the trenches, with a  large remembrance poppy above.  The poppy has been used since 1920 to commemorate soldiers who have died in war. Inspired by the poem “In Flanders Fields” they were first used by the American Legion to commemorate lost American soldiers.   They were then adopted by military ex-servicemen & women’s groups in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Today, they are mainly used in the UK  to commemorate servicemen and women who have been killed in all conflicts since 1914.

We will be painting only 30 of our ‘Post Office 1914’ – Sorry, the Post Office 1914 is now sold out