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A Nation of Shopkeepers, celebrating Britain’s Buildings

Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday

Limited Edition Ceramics

Here is our celebration in ceramic of Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday, the first reigning monarch to reach the age of 90, and the oldest ever Reigning Monarch.

The Queen’s Birthday Breakfast90th Birthday website size

90th Birthday dog detail 2

It is said that Her Majesty starts each day with Tiptree Jam on toast!

A good reason to start our ceramic celebration of her 90th birthday with a ceramic based on the Famous Tiptree Jams Tearooms… Read down for more Tiptree History.

A Limited Painting of 63 ceramics on our Melton Mowbray building.

Why 63?  Her Majesty is our 63rd reigning monarch, and it is 63 years since her Coronation.

The Queen’s Birthday Breakfast is priced at £110.00 plus carriage/insurance.
To order yours


post office web size red letteringThe Post Office – Happy Birthday Ma’am!

Finally…Our Post Office has has to celebrate the good news! Available to buy only until the end of June, and priced at £54.00 plus carriage/insurance.
The Post Office measures 18.8cm (7 & 1/4″ ) tall to the top of the chimney x 8.7cm (3 & 3/8 “) wide.
This pretty building is located close to Great Malvern.
To order yours



Tiptree Jams

Tiptree Jams for websiteLocated not too far away from us in Essex is a business whose roots go back to the 1900’s, and who like Hazle Ceramics, ship their products worldwide …Tiptree Jams.
Tiptree have held a Royal Warrant since 1911, but even before that the quality of the jams they produced had gained them royal customers including the Queen of Spain, Queen Sophia of Greece, And the last Empress of Russia.
In 2010, Tiptree celebrated 125 years of jam making on their current site, and received a visit from Her Majesty the Queen.
What she probably wasn’t told was that Tiptree had already made plans to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.
In 2007 Tiptree had  ‘laid down’ 2012 jars of a very unique marmalade in Her Majesty’s honour!  Today Tiptree Jams runs 10 ‘Tiptree Tea Rooms’ across Essex, and has just opened it’s newest…right here at Barleylands!
Great for us, but maybe not for our waistlines!
With permission of the Tiptree Jams company, we celebrate the arrival of the Tea Rooms in Ceramic.
There will be just 100 of ‘Tiptree Jams’ painted. Priced at £79.95 plus carriage/insurance.
To order yours

Our Shakespeare Ceramics – 400th Anniversary.

William Shakespeare was referred to as ’Sweet Swan of Avon’ by Ben Johnson, his  contemporary, and the title stuck. A truly global figure, it is great to celebrate his life’s work 400 years on—making him so worthy of one of his other titles ’The immortal Bard’.

Can you remember your first play, probably at school?  (Hazle’s was ‘The Merchant of Venice’  which she loved, Iona enjoyed ‘Julius Caesar’ while Nicci started off with ’A Midsummer Night’s Dream! – not love at first read !) And have you been soaked and stiffened at the Globe or did you book a covered seat and rent a cushion?

Stephen and Hazle had lunch in the Roof Top restaurant of the Swan Theatre restaurant in Stratford recently with a lovely view over the river and the grazing sheep. Worth another visit or two…..


Here we present a collection of Limited Paintings in celebration of the contribution he made to our history, culture, collection of fabulous phrases and great insults!


Swan of Avon websize‘The Swan of Avon’  Swan of Avon det websize sizePainted on our ‘Garrick Inn’ building, based on the public house at 25 High Street, Stratford on Avon. It is thought to have been built in 1596, with much older parts dating back to the 14thC and as such is one of the oldest buildings in Stratford, Grade II listed—and is said to be haunted by more than one ghost…

We produced the Garrick Inn ceramic between 1991 and 2000, but have brought this lovely Tudor building back into circulation, previously in a small edition to celebrate the Queen as longest serving monarch (‘Best of the Bunch’) and now to celebrate this great son of Stratford. Shakespeare may have known the building well (a ’new-build when he was 32)  but not from drinking in, as it became a pub in 1718.

There are alterations to the mould from the original. It features Shakespeare’s own crest, and on the sign, a portrait of Shakespeare one side and the black swan on the other side.

We will be producing 400 of ‘The Swan of Avon’ priced at £65.95 each plus carriage/insurance – for the Queen’s Birthday Weekend you can order for just £60.00 + carriage/insurance.
To order yours



New Bardic Books for shopBardic Books. New Bardic Books detailPainted on our Floris building, which is itself a Limited Edition of 500 ceramics.(Therefore this is 23 out of 500 castings) Painted by Linda Murphy, one of our most admired painters, who has returned to the fold after nearly 16 years away!  She has lost none of her talent for detailed painting. There is a bookshop in N. Ireland with this name, we’ve discovered….we may need to give them one…..

A Limited Painting of just 23 ceramics – you know we always have a reason for our numbers…On this occasion we went for 23 as the day he passed away was 23rd April.

Sorry, Bardic Books is now sold out.



olde Kings Head with tudor writingYe Olde Kings Head. Based on the building atshort and long of it detail full size 7 Church St. near Windsor Castle, and built in 1525  it is said  to be the oldest inn in Windsor and where Shakespeare wrote the   ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ around 1597 (argued), published in 1602 (also argued…)

For the occasion of this celebration we have given it a facelift in colour and detail,  a Tudor Rose, and a quote from the play. You can choose which of two quotes, carefully chosen, you want in the shop, by clicking below.


A Limited Painting of 400 ceramics priced at £69.95 each plus carriage/insurance

For the short and the long of it.
For as good luck would have it.


birthplace web sizeShakespeare’s Birthplace.  William Shakespeare wasbirthplace 2 websize size born in this house and lived here until he was old enough to marry and spend the first five years of family life here with his new wife, Anne Hathaway.  Our Shakespeare’s Birthplace is a stand alone piece measuring 20cm long x 11cm tall x 7cm deep, and as well as making a great display piece, it is also a moneybox, so you can save for your next tickets to The Globe! The quote on the back is from Hamlet and reads ’Neither a Borrower nor a Lender be’ A Limited Painting of 400 ceramics priced at £57.95 + carriage/insurance To order yours