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Christmas 2018


Our Christmas and New Year Opening times:

December 23rd    Open 10am to 5pm

December 24th     Open 10am to 2pm

December 25th    Closed

December 26th    Closed

December 27th  to  December 30th Open  10am to 4pm

December 31st    Open  10am to 2pm

 January 1st      Closed

 January 2nd      Open  10am to 4pm

 January 3rd Onward Open as usual

During the Christmas Holidays, we will be answering your emails during our opening hours, so feel free to contact us.


Last Posting Dates

We are fast coming up to the last posting dates for Christmas, so if you want to give (or get!) one of our ceramics for Christmas, order now without delay.
UK                                  Friday 21st December
Rest of the World             Friday 14th December



Our Christmas Limited Paintings for 2018

Three Limited Paintings of just 20 ceramics each.


It’s that time of the year again when we present our collection of Limited Paintings for Christmas.  This year we have three very different Limited Paintings.  There will be just 20 of each painting – so make your selction and place your order now!
Read on down for details of each piece.


The Christmas Jumper Shop

Celebrating a ‘Modern Tradition’…if there is such a thing!  The Christmas Jumper has become as much a part of Christmas as mince pies! And yet this festive wear only started to  become popular in the 1980’s  when British TV presenters started to wear brightly decorated jumpers over the Christmas Holidays.  Slowly Christmas Jumpers became cool!  The most fashionable High Street stores now stock them, and even high end designers such as Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney  have produced their own versions.

Our Christmas 2018 Limited Painting is a Jumper  Shop with strings of sweaters outside and more displayed in the windows.  As an extra special touch we have created a  mould and make tiny jumpers added to the ceramic above the ground floor window!  Painted on our Melton Mowbray Pork Pie building, with highlights of gold, this ceramic will be a fun addition to your collection or a great gift for whoever gave  you that extra bright jumper  last year!  A limited Painting of 20 ceramics The Christmas Jumper Shop is priced at £109.95 plus carriage/insurance.

To order your Christmas Jumper Shop




Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Tales we loved as children—and some of us still love today!  Snow White, Hansel & Gretal, The Elves and the Shoemaker or The Golden Goose.
Until Carol suggested ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’ as a subject for one of our Christmas Limited Paintings, many of us didn’t realise how many of these well known tales were written by the Brothers Grimm.  Their original book of stories, published in 1812, contained 86 stories.  More volumes quickly followed, with new stories added, others removed, and still more re-written.  At the time these tales were first published, it was widely felt that both the subject matter and the style of writing was not suitable for children – with a revision here and a removal there the classis fairy stories that we now know emerged!

For our Christmas 2018 Limited Painting, we celebrate the creative ‘Grimms’ in ceramic.  Painted on our Windsor Guildhall Building by Carol, this lovely building highlighted with gold, shows Red Riding hood and Hansel & Gretal  at the bottom, with more fairy tales above. A Limited Painting of 20 ceramics, Grimms Fairy Tales in priced at £109.95 plus carriage/insurance.

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The Christmas Cat Cafe

The first cat cafes where opened in Japan, to cater for those cat lovers who could not keep a pet in a tiny flat or with a demanding career.

Since then the craze has spread across the globe, with cat cafes in the UK, the US and Europe.

Some cat cafes are non–profit organisations, supporting local pet shelters and rescue groups.  Others promote the idea of spending time with cats as a way to relax and unwind away from a hectic 21st Century life.

As our resident ‘Cat Lady’ Carol has gone to town on this lovely painting on our fantasy ‘Alice building!

As well as the wall painting, there are cats in every window!  The perfect Christmas gift for everyone who loves cats.
A Limited Painting of 20 ceramics:    The Christmas Cat Cafe is priced at £109.95 plus carriage/insurance.